4. April 2023

Joe Biden: America’s Worst President By Far

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• Joe Biden is seen by many as a destructive force in the U.S, with his liberal cronies carrying out his orders and crypto fans feeling the effects of his rule firsthand.
• The indictment of President Trump over money paid to Stormy Daniels back in 2016, shortly after he began his road to the White House has been viewed as an attempt to shut down a political enemy.
• Agencies like the SEC have come after crypto companies with everything they have, demonstrating how Biden and the federal government are trying to get rid of tools and services that would grant Americans their financial freedoms.

Joe Biden: America’s Worst President By Far

What we are witnessing in America today is unlike anything the country has ever been through. We have a president in office, Joe Biden, who has taken on the form of a third-world dictator. His liberal cronies rush to do his dirty work, and crypto fans along with many members of the standard public are seeing this firsthand. Not long ago, Alvin Bragg – a corrupt Manhattan district attorney funded by U.S. enemy George Soros – indicted President Donald J. Trump over money paid to Stormy Daniels back in 2016, shortly after he began his road to the White House. This is a case that the federal government initially looked at and passed on, feeling there was nothing there. In addition, we are well beyond the statute of limitations, and it’s becoming clear that Biden, Bragg, and many others in charge are not interested in getting to the root of specific crimes.


If they were, people like Bragg wouldn’t be letting serious criminals – such as those that commit domestic violence – get off the way they do. This is simply a ploy to shut down a political enemy and edge him out of the 2024 race. How ironic that this is coming right as the Supreme Court is considering a case that could instill Trump back in the White House, suggesting Biden and his associates did indeed steal 2020 election results. We are also seeing agencies like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) come after crypto companies with everything they have; it’s clear that Biden and federal government are doing everything they can to get rid of companies‘, tools‘, services‘, etc., which would grant citizens their financial freedom..

American People Are Aware

Upon glancing at current America one doesn’t see freedom but rather crumbling nation torn apart by hate carried by its liberal heads It’s becoming increasingly obvious Joe Biden is worse president US has ever had – even when compared against men such George W Bush or Barack Obama who served two terms each without nearly same amount damage done within two years under Joe Biden’s reign People know what’s happening for what it truly is – if handcuffs put on Donald Trump situation will come back haunt them

Punitive Measures

Biden’s punitiveness toward any opposition fully apparent – indictments made against individuals associated with Trump campaign/presidency despite lack evidence or being past statute limitations Crypto companies targetted via SEC despite no wrongdoing – all part plan eliminate tools/services allowing American people actualize their financial freedom


It’s now been made clear just how destructive force Joe Biden truly is While some may defend him due loyalty /political affiliation others recognize true nature US leader one far removed from original intentions Founding Fathers desire for Americans Instead it’s become more about power politics than actually helping citizens/country